Chilling Scenes with the Ladies

12:05 pm

We girls have sooo many options in front of us all the time. We are always confused about what to wear and we get frustrated when we don't know what to wear last minute. This always happens to me! My whole wardrobe will be out on my bed and I'll be sitting in one corner thinking of what to wear and end up feeling like I have NOTHING to wear! So, it's better to decide well in advance about what you're gonna wear when you're heading out for the night to catch up with your girl friends. This is what we would wear. 

Layer up an old outfit with jackets or vest to transform it into a new look
Blazer from Vero Moda and Denim Vest from Forever New

Black sheer tops just show the right amount of  skin
 to look  make you look sexy

Cheetah print Maxi dress
Break the monotony with a high waist belt

Dress from Soap Opera (Kemps corner) , Bombay

Shoes Forever 21

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