Summer to Winter in Minutes

3:31 pm

Take your summer wardrobe and turn it into your new winter collection. By the help of some essentials such as leggings, stockings, cardigans, jackets, boots, scarves, etc, you'll be all set to don your petite summer dress even during winter. So no more worries about spending those extra bucks in buying more winter clothes or worrying about your expensive summer clothes going to waste, as you can wear your transformed summer clothes during winter.
Layer up with:
Winter Accessories 

Heels with socks, Boots

Woolen Cardigans, Leather Jacket, Blazer, Coat

Opaque stockings, Woolen thigh high socks, Jeggings

And you can end up with.....

Summer dress layered with sleeveless cardigan,  leggings and boots

Leather jacket, scarf and black jeggings paired with a white tank

Black blazer on a Summer dress 

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