Tragedy of Sales

1:00 pm

So, I've been shopping quite a bit this past week as every bloody brand is having their clearance sale. And i should mention how half the world is out to buy branded outfits for 3/4 the price. But most of them don't even realize that they are buying trash. Just cause it's a Zara dress with a 70% off, doesn't mean it's gonna look good on you. So during this past week i learnt a lot- DON'T BUY BRANDED CLOTHES (If it doesn't look good on you) JUST BECAUSE THERE'S A SALE. Lesson for everyone to learn. However, you may find some nice stuff around, especially if you have a keen eye and patience to visit every store and dig for what you'll like. Another advice to all you shoppers is, go shop the day the sale begins before the best from the lot vanishes and grab a friend who will stand by you for 5 hours (or more :P) without whining.

After doing a lot of digging, this is what i liked & bought finally. I must have made at least 50 rounds in each shop to see if i was missing anything nice. And after all that, i end up with this:

I bought this maxi skirt from Forever New  and the boots from Zara 

Jeans from Mango and boots from Zara

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