Day at the park

2:20 pm

It was a bright sunny day and my friend and I decided to head to the park - also cause we didn't have enough money to go anywhere else and the entry to the park is only 2 bucks. So being the cheap people that we are, we made full use of the 4 bucks we spent by taking pictures. Thankfully the sun was being good by not making us sweat and we ended up getting some nice pictures. 

Denim Shirt- From a tiny store in Commercial Street, Bangalore
Leggings- Chemistry
Flat Pumps- Birthday gift
Bag- Birthday gift

Though Chemistry doesn't have a great collection of clothes, they have some really nice leggings of different styles and colours. I usually buy my leggings from there as the quality is good and it's reasonably priced. Most leggings cost around Rs500-600 but it may vary with design and material. During sales, the prices come down a lot and its a great time to buy it then. The sale is still on at Chemistry, so head to your nearest outlets soon!



These sunnies are around 50 years old and belonged to my grand-dad

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