Moody Weather- What to wear?

5:08 am

I’ve been under the weather for the past few days since the climate has been fluctuating so much. I’ll be drenched in sweat all afternoon and in the evening I’ll be curled up in my blanket shivering. With the weather being so moody what are we to do? And a much bigger question- what are we to wear?  For the day I would go for more cottons and light and thin material clothing to keep the air flowing in and about. It would be wise to carry a cardigan as you never know when it could get chilly. For the evening I would choose a thin cardigan or cotton jacket to keep warm.
The winters will be gone soon, for good! And the actual summer heat will come a long, making us melt in the heat- especially if you are a Mumbaikar like me.  So get ready to bring out your cute summer dresses and shorts cause summer’s here baby! However I’m not all that excited since I DO NOT enjoy the summer in Mumbai. It’s too hot and humid here, sigh! And you can’t get into a train compartment in shorts without being stared at by thousands of people. Anywhooooo, summer is here, and it’s gonna be a helluva one! 

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