Peplum Silhouette

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Ashley Benson, Fergie, Blake Lively, Emma Stone & Beyonce
all in Peplum Dresses

What is Peplum i hear you say? It's a flared ruffle attached to the waistline of a dress,  full-length gown, skirt or jacket. It gives the ensemble a formal feel and looks extremely elegant on young women.
 It has been around for a VERY VERY long time but we haven't really noticed it. But this year, it's gonna BIG. So all you ladies get ready, cause it's time for the Peplum Evolution!

How to wear this look:

I bought this Peplum skirt from Forever New and waist belt from Colaba Causeway, Bombay

This style defines the midriff and works well if you have a small waist as it draws attention to it. 

Charlize Theron in a Stella McCartney

But for those who have wider waists or hips, don't be let down, you can work this look too! Remember to wear dark solid colours like black or navy blue which give an illusion of a slimmer figure. AND DO NOT WEAR A BROAD PEPLUM!!!! 

Frazer Harrison made her wide hips look wider with a broad peplum. 

You can emphasis your waist by adding a sleek waist belt. It also makes your waist look slimmer.

 If you choose a peplum jacket or coat, wear a tight pencil skirt or skinny pants as bottoms; never add more volume by pairing a peplum top with a wide leg trouser or puffy skirt.

If you are adding volume below the waist, wear slimmer and tight clothes in the upper area; show off that tiny waist.

 Try wearing this look with a pair of heels to elongate your frame so the peplum silhouette doesn’t overwhelm you. Not to mention, heels will make this look all the more ladylike and chic.

(Sources: Internet and Grazia Magazine)

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