Kony 2012: a movement or something more?

7:43 am

This post has nothing to do with fashion or beauty. In fact it is nothing close to it. But Kony needs to be known. The world needs to know what Kony 2012 is all about.

Facebook being one of the largest social networking sites has helped people come together, communicate, share and learn. It has become the most popular medium of communication today, and thanks to it, I learnt something about a horrible person who is lurking around amongst us doing some of the nastiest things a person could ever imagine. His name is Joseph Kony, and he is a bad man! He is the leader of the Lords Resistance Army which is originally located in Uganda, Africa and he abducts children to become part of his blood thirsty army, forces young girls to become sex slaves and pressures these young minds to murder and mutate their very own. He has kidnapped over 66,000 children in these past years and has killed even more. Stated as #1 on the International Criminal Court's indicted list.

Will there be a stop to Kony's actions? Will these children get their childhoods back? THEY WILL! If we support them, if we make him FAMOUS!
Very few people know about him. Being the late bloomer that I am, I too didn't know what this "Kony" was till I saw it as a friends status on Facebook. Then I got curious and started doing more digging. It was then I came across this video which really summed up the whole issue, beautifully. It brought tears to my eyes and got my blood pumping even faster.I knew it then that I had to do my part as well in making him known, in making him FAMOUS! So I hope this post does that. 
This is not just a movement but its more than that. It's realisation. There are lots of awful activities which take place without our knowledge. And sometimes we may know of it, but we don't or can't do much. But times have changed and with the power of the internet and technology we can stop this injustice towards poor, innocent children.  Please contribute to world peace and stop this gruesome act of child abduction. He is a bad man and he needs to be stopped. The more famous he gets, the more efforts the American Government will put into tracking him down and arresting him. We don't have much time, so lets spread the word guys!

Support Invisible Children and share this video! It's time to take things in our hands now!

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