Bronze Effect

12:47 pm

Makeup Sahar; photography Akriti 

When evening calls for glamour, the 'bronze' look never fails! This beautiful colour suits all Indian skin tones perfectly and accentuates our sharp features. Its sexy yet not too loud and can be done in less than 15 minutes! No joke! So, to achieve this glam party look, follow the steps bellow.

Cleanse your face with a cleanser
Prep your eyes with concealer 
Evenly apply foundation closest to your skin tone all around your face and neck 

Tip 1: When applying concealer pat, never rub with your ring finger, until it disappears.

Tip 2: While buying foundation, choose a colour which is one tone darker than your actual skin tone so that it blends in well. You don't want to look like snow white! 

Apply yellow loose powder to set the foundation

Using a white pencil highlight the area below your eyebrow
 You can also use white eye shadow in case you don't have a white pencil
Make sure to blend it well with a flat brush

 Apply bronze powder based eye shadow over the eye lid

 Apply dark brown powder based eye shadow on the outer crease line and blend it in with both the white (on the brow line) and the bronze (on the lids) and ensure there aren't any lines seen


Apply bronze loose powder based eye shadow on the eye lid (concentrating more on the middle) on top of the bronze eye shadow and blend it slightly 
Draw a simple, sleek line with a waterproof eyeliner

Put on generous amounts of mascara on the top lashes as well as on the lower lashes to give a thick and dramatic look


Use a blush which is darker than your skin tone and apply by creating upward strokes on your cheeks
Apply highlighter on your T-zone and on your cheek bones 
Shape your lips with a nude colour lip liner and apply it all over your lips, then use a nude colour lipstick and finish it off with a dab of gloss

Tip 1: Choose a blush which has an orange-ish or brown-ish tint

Tip 2: Use a highlighter to emphasise certain areas 

Tip 3: It's best to apply a lip liner all over your lips before applying lipstick so that the colour stays longer

Brush your hair to one side and tie a low pony tail

Section your hair in two above the pony tail 

Then grab the end of your hair and bring in through the loop and invert the pony tail

Take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the elastic band

Use bobby pins to secure your hair


Final Look

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