High street diaries: Zara

1:11 pm

Everyone's favourite high-street brand, has made effortless chic even more easier to pull off with their June 2012 collection. Zara has been able to adopt new trends from various luxury brands to customize something for the everyday stylish women and men. Known to produce chic, well tailored and trendy clothing all within 2 weeks and introduce it into the many chain stores all over the world!! From the June 2012 lookbook, here are my favourites which i might just pick up, if my wallet is being kind to me.

I fell in love with this crochet overcoat the moment i saw it!! It's a great cover up and can be dressed with all sorts of outfits. Plus it's great for the season.

I've been looking for a shirt like this for the past month and I suppose that hunt is over now. It's so simple yet smart and I love the detailing on the collar as it gives an interesting effect to the complete look. 

The Chanel inspired jacket is a must for every woman to own. Instantly gives a touch of class.

I'm just amazed by the structure of this blouse. Earlier I would have thought its wacky to walk around with one sleeve on but now I beg to differ. This is one exception I'm ready to make.

Jewelry is my weakness and that necklace is something I would want around my neck someday. And that jacket!! So perfectly fitted with clean lines. A staple for every wardrobe.

There is something about leather jackets and studs that make my knees go weak. My favourite look from the whole collection because of the femininity of the skirt and edginess of the jacket that is evoked from this particular outfit.

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