Pastel Love

9:00 am

Pastel pieces have been an essential in my wardrobe. This look in particular is one that i love as it is so easy flowing and allows me to play around with my accessories. 

The past month has been super hectic, with my internship going on plus college assignments, therefore I wasn't getting the time to sit down and blog!! This disappearing act has to stop ASAP! So from now on expect tons of posts from me and if anyone is reading out there, wait up for more.

What's new? The monsoons in Mumbai have begun which basically means stock your nice shoes away and get your flip flops and jelly shoes out (not a huge fan of 'em)! No matter how much i complain about getting wet in the rain, i love watching the heavy rains from my window sill with a hot cup of coffee:) Mumbai is looking more lush than ever and its a beautiful sight. Just ignore the trash in the side lines. 

Hope all you Mumbaikars are enjoying the rains. And all you guys who don't have the pleasure (hah!) of staying in this city, wherever you are, hope your having a good time no matter what the weather. 

 Outfit Details:
Denim Vest- Colaba Causeway
Skirt- Forever New
Sandals- Zara
Bag- Malaysia
Accessories- Blur & Causeway

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