For The Boho Soul

7:30 am

When I'm out of ideas and feeling extremely demotivated, Tumblr always comes to my rescue! And today was such a day. After spending the day strolling through pages and pages of random Tumblr blogs, I managed to find inspiration to write a post.

Bohemian style has always fascinated me- even before it was mainstream. But I can see why it has become a big trend now, especially with a whirlwind of change brought on by the indie or should I say 'hippie' culture and the excuse to be 'different'. In the 60's people were known as Bohemians or Gypsies not only because of their dressing but because they were free thinkers, had an affection for art and music and were willing to travel and explore. It was a way of life. Now major clothing brands such as Forever 21, Zara, Nasty Girl, Asos have started incorporating this way of life in to their clothes. And I couldn't be happier! 
I wouldn't say I'm a hardcore boho, cause that would be a lie, but there are certain aspects about this trend that truly intrigue me. And these pictures define exactly that. 

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