Comfort Mixing

12:37 pm

Comfort dressing is of utmost importance to me, and I'm sure to most! So many times I have been worried about wearing tight clothes (especially when I'm going out to eat) cause ain't nobody got time to hide that belly, or wearing heels on a night out that kill my feet, or jeans that become one with my skin thanks to all the sweat, or cleavage peeking through a low neckline or sheer clothes, well for being too sheer...and the list goes on. So many issues with clothes. When to wear what is so hard to decide. However, after a lot of failed attempts to solve these issues, I have now come to terms with comfort dressing. Earlier I thought that fashion was not about comfort, and if it was comfortable, they'd just be known as pyjamas. But of course I soon came to realise that, that was not the case. Pyjamas (or in this case comfort clothing) can look just as stylish. 

In this post I have worn a cotton tank and cotton palazzo's which are super loose and duper comfortable. Lately, I've been playing around with different styles, trying to explore and diversify, and so here I have tried mixing prints just to give it that little edge. As much as I love buying accessories, I only wear two or max three at once. Over accessorising can kill the whole charm of the outfit, is what I think. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend. This week is going to be killer with exams coming up in...ONE DAY! Ahhhh! I should get back to studying. Wish me luck :D See you on the otherside i.e after my exams.


Outfit Details:
Top- Lokhandwala Market
Pants- Lokhandwala Market 
Jacket- Forever21
Bag- Gift
Necklace- Haute 'em
Ring- Colaba Causeway
Belt- Lifestyle

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