On a rainy day

6:08 am

It's been raining like craaaazy this entire week. These tempramental showers are so moody that they just know when to start raining- when I'm about to head out. But I usually have things covered-literally in this case- so these rains can never bring me down or get me drenched.

I bought these nude-ish jelly flats just for the rains, and I couldn't have been happier to have found them. Four years in the city and I have always dreaded the rains because I hate getting wet, frizzy hair, muck and most of all I never have appropriate shoes on. Either I'm wearing Rs.200 Abercombie & Fitch chappals which feels I'm walking on ice. One second I'm happily walk down the road and *bham* next thing I see, I'm on the ground...with more muck on me! Chappals are the WORST idea for the rains. And I can't afford spoiling my other nice shoes in the rains, of which, some I already have. So, jelly flats it is! Although I never found them very appealing because most designs I came across were quite tacky. However, this one lucky day, when I was shopping at Lifestyle, tired as hell, strolling through the racks of shoes, I saw these flats and instantly billed them. Finally got flats which look nice and are perfect for the rains!! These flats were only for Rs.450. Such a steal!

Outfit Details:
Top- Ginger
Jeans- Forever 21
Scarf- Street Shop
Shades- Ray Ban
Bag- LimeRoad.com
Flats- Ginger
Watch- Swatch

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