Wearing White

1:13 am

Hi there :)
The weather has been fluctuating like crazy in Bombay for the past few weeks. Just when you think the rains are over, *bham* there's a storm heading your way; with lightning et all. And I've been saving up these white jeans for after the monsoons so that they remain white for longer. White is among my favourite colours, but wearing white is stressful! So much effort has to be taken to keep it white. And half the time I just can't be bothered. Many of my white jeans have become brown however, Im hoping this one lasts longer. Plus now I have VANISH! Haha, so stains, come at me, kyun ki daag ache hain. Wait, that's the wrong tag line isn't it? Anyway, I would like to know how you keep your whites stain free. Post below in the comments or mail me.

Outfit Details-
Top- AND
Jeans- Zara
Shoes- Forever 21
Bag- Gift
Earrings- Lifestyle

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