Toga Beauty

12:46 am

Outfit Details:
Maxi Dress- Koovs
Necklace (worn as headpiece)- Colaba Causeway
Bangles & Ring- Colaba Causeway
Flats- Que Up
Clutch- Jaipur Market

Lush green surroundings, purple and orange skies, and in the middle of it all, a lady in white.
White, so pure and elegant, is such a classic! One can hardly go wrong in them. The only task? Maintaining the purity of the colour, especially in a city like Mumbai.

We decided to go on an all white look, with this maxi dress from Koovs, which is a favourite! To complete the "Toga" look, we used a necklace as a head piece, to add a dash of colour. Understated jewelry makes the clothes the hero while accentuating the entire look; without which it would just look like a boring maxi dress. So go ahead, get some exciting statement pieces and make a normal outfit super stylish.

Happy Sunday guys :) Lots more coming up soon!


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