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You know what's worse than a slow laptop? A terrible internet connection! And for some reason the past few days technology has been playing dirty game with me. Just about when I'm done uploading pictures on to my post, some catastrophe has to occur, and poof, it's all gone!! It is impossible to stick to deadlines in such a situation. And I apologize for the same! Anyway, since I'm one step closer to clicking 'publish', let me tell you about this particular look.

 Here, I've styled a white maxi dress from Koovs, by layering it up. After staying in India for more than 10 years, I've learnt that it's always safe to be dressed modestly; especially while using public transport such as rickshaws, taxis, trains, etc, as staring shamelessly is not considered offensive. Well that's what such men/women think. Except they never realise how uncomfortable they make passerby's feel. And that's why, layer up! These two looks are casual and great for the day/evening depending on what kind of style you are in the mood for. 

Look 1

Outfit Details:
Kimono Jacket- Forever New
Necklace and Bangles- Colaba Causeway
Shoes- Gift

Look 2

Outfit Details:
Jacket and Flats- Forever 21
Watch- Swatch
Bracelets- Forever 21

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