Summer Blues

9:11 am


Outfit Details:
Bag & Scarf- Wink
Denim overall- Colaba Causeway
Black dress- Forever 21
Accessories & Shoes- Forever 21

Summer summer summer.
These words really scare the shit out of me. 
Only because it's the worst time to be in Bombay. And those staying here would agree.

Traveling on local trains on a hot summer day, sweaty, weary and dreary, all I could wish for is an icy cold Pina Colada right by a calm beach. As the train paced, I shut my eyes while the hot air blew on my face, and suddenly I awoke to the ever lively, super crowded, Juhu beach- in contrast to what I had dreamt of. 

For this post, I had the opportunity to collaborate with ace photographer Indra Joshi, who took us on a journey from local trains, to vibrant chawls and finally a brightly lit beach. And along with me I had my handy beach bag from Wink, where I stored all the necessities for a long day. This bag and scarf are part of the Beach Collection, which is Wink's latest collection. And what's even better about this bag? You get 3 pouches to keep beach essentials like your swimsuit, flip flops, clothes, etc. A bag with multiple uses and ample space, perfect for a day out on the beach or in the city. 

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