Trend Talk: Sports Luxe

9:04 am

Outfit Details:
Top and Shades- Forever 21
Skirt- Pantaloons
Shoes- Puma (
Bag- K-Mart (Australia)
Watch- Swatch

Recently 'Sports Luxe' has been hitting the fashion scene like a wave, with experimental designers and stylists taking cue from sports wear and giving it a fashionable twist. I may have been a little late in catching up to this trend but I absolutely LOVE it! I love how fashion is entering spaces that were considered  fashion 'faux pas' once upon a time. 

Sports luxe, androgynous and normcore fashion are all recent upcoming trends that have garnered a lot of attention as they are crossing gender boundaries. It's about time that this happened, as fashion for women shouldn't be constricted to short skirts and high heels. With so much more option around us, I feel delighted knowing that if I do plan to head out I don't need to stick to those basic bodycon dresses and black pumps anymore .

It's time to mix things up a little!

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