Shirt Dressing

1:25 am

Outfit Details:
Shirt- Colaba Causeway
Skirt- Forever 21
Clutch- Miss Bennett
Flats- Gift
Ring and Earrings- Vintage

A well fitted white shirt is one of those things that everyone should have in their closet, be it a man or woman. It is one of those essential basics that one can do wonders with. Team it up with jeans, skirts, shorts, pants and what not and all of that in a 10 different ways! Tie it up, tuck it in, wear it as a cover up, half buttoned, full buttoned, around the waist, around the shoulders...err...actually, remove the last option-you don't want to be looking like Shahrukh Khan in Mohabbatein.

I was lucky to find this well fitted shirt in Colaba Causeway, which is often a rare case. However, if you're not the kind to take such risks, do not hesitate to invest in one, even if it is slightly above your budget, because this will be one of those pieces you just can't do without.

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