Silent Winds

2:53 pm

Outfit Details:
Dress, Flats and Accessories - Forever 21
Cover up- Vintage


I have wanted to do a shoot by the sea for the longest time now! Finally, and not too late, the time came. And what a shoot it was! This was the last (hopefully not) shoot I did with photographer Abhinav, before he left back for Hyderabad, his home. 

Keeping the breezy winds and grey skies in mind, I kept the outfit simple and flowy, ideal for a day at the beach. I got this vintage cover up from my friend's mother's old finds. And it's become one of my favourites already. I really dig such long cover ups, as they do the job just right. I have paired this up with dresses, pants, shorts and the uses are endless. Oh, and it's just PERFECT for Bombay weather! Which by the way, has been very moody recently. Certain days I wake up and see the skies are cloudy and grey and I say to myself  "today's going to be a great day", till I step out. Even with cloudy skies, one doesn't stop to sweat. C'mon it's not even that hot! What's going on? Oh well, humidity can be a real pain in the a**. Hopefully it gets better with the rains. 

Have a great weekend folks!

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