Power Dressing

9:37 am

Outfit Details:

On Noopur:
Top & Skort- Forever 21
Heels- The Iconic
Clutch- Miss Bennett (Jabong)

On Sanaa:
Blazer- StalkBuyLove
Culottes- Vintage
Heels- Zara


Almost everyone I know has recently graduated from college, seeking their first job and taking important steps into adult life. This is the most crucial time of one's life because all the years of endless studying and examinations finally leads to this very moment. And as hard has it can be, cracking those nerve-racking interviews, impressing your boss or just simply making it on time to work, who said you can't have fun? Of course when I mean fun, I mean dressing up. 

Being well groomed and presentable at all times is a crucial part of a job. Those college days are long gone when wearing pajamas and flip flops was acceptable. Although there are companies that are lenient about dress code, many corporates still stick to formal wear as their regular dress code. And even if they don't, trust me at some point you will be asked to wear that wrinkled old blazer which has been sitting in the corner of your closet for years. So what do you do then? You suit up! But with a twist. Do away with those ill fitted trousers and shirts and try experimenting with your formal wear but of course be sure you're not breaking any office rules.

In this post my friend Noopur and I did our rendition of what we would wear to work or formal events. Our colour theme remained basic with white and black being dominant although the pieces we chose were slightly off-beat. Skorts and Culottes seem to be making a comeback and because of their diversity they can be converted into formal wear by just throwing on a blazer or shirt. And voila, you're all set to go!

For all you fresh graduates like us, hope you find that kick-ass dream job and remember, formal wear is not as boring as it seems.
Good Luck :D

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