Hues of Hyderabad

1:10 am

Outfit Details:
Maxi Dress- Forever 21
Necklace (worn as headpiece)- Colaba Causeway
Flats- Girl Express, Australia 

PHOTOGRAPHY// Abhinav Kodam

When I started this blog, I had no idea what my voice was; what my style was. I was lost and often stuck to content that most generic blogs created like talking about trends, celebrity styles, etc, etc. Over the years I discovered many beautiful blogs with niche styles and understood what 'personal style' meant. I have now identified mine. On my journey to self-discovery, I got a spark of inspiration of what I would like my blog to be. 

I want each and every post to be a visual treat for my readers, which in turn always keeps me on a look out for like-minded creative people to collaborate with in order to translate ideas into picturesque frames. With the wide reach of the internet and social media, we get to connect with people from all around the world --- and that's how I met the fantastic photographer, Abhinav.

After us having collaborated twice during his visit to Mumbai (check here and here), we couldn't miss the chance to collaborate again when I recently visited the royal city, Hyderabad. I have a very close connection to this city as my mother hails from there. And, having spent many summers relishing yum Biryani, exploring monuments and absorbing their culture, I can call myself a partial Hyderabadi. 

With so much culture emanating from this city, we decided to capture the most inherent of them all -  the Golconda Fort, which still stands tall and gorgeous against the bright blue sky. The iconic structure, that tells stories about the Nizams, was the perfect setting for this post. 

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Have a great weekend guys!


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