8:53 am


This journey started with a simple text from a friend telling me about the contest and now nearing the final leg of the competition, I am nothing short of gratitude and a bundle of nerves. 

Before the excitement of winning the Mumbai round could sink in, we had to dive straight into the next round of the contest- the video shoot. This was the first time that I did a shoot of this caliber while shooting alongside the charismatic and super fun, Aanam, my mentor blogger. And man, was I nervous! But it turned out to be such a great shoot, with us constantly cracking up and fooling around, while trying to make a super fun video for you guys!

The Final round will be held shortly and the winning duo will be decided on the 'Likes' on our video plus a jury round. So all you have to do is like, share and tell the world about this video, help it go as viral as you can! 

Lots of love to all those supporting #TeamMumbai :D

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