A Pastel Affair

7:06 am

Outfit Details:
Top- Supre
Skirt- Colaba Causeway
Flats- Zalora (Jabong)
Shades- Hill Road, Bandra

CONCEPT// Indra & Sanaa

And I write, again, after days of wandering around new lanes, meeting new faces, and feeling new.
While maintaining the fact that I have been wanting to put this post up for a month now, the truth is the packing, shifting, settling has got me slightly shaky, in a good way though. And the bigger truth? I was overwhelmed by the serenity and peace of the beautiful city of Melbourne. 
Alas, the time has come, to do what I love, to share with you little parts of me.

This collaboration with Indra has been (in the most non-generic way) special. Special because we really put our minds together to come up with a concept that is out of our comfort zones. We pushed personal boundaries to achieve a story that some how came pretty naturally to us. 'A Pastel Affair' is a four part story, of which this is the first. 
Colour as beautiful as it is, is complex unlike it's counterpart- black and white- which is why we took it up as a challenge. This story revolves around the softness of colours, the elegance and the fluidity. Our portrayal has been simple and chaotic at the same time; maybe a little like ourselves. We hope that you too enjoy our story has much as we did creating it.

More to come your way! 

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