La Vie Bohème

4:36 pm

Outfit Details:
Crop Top- Vintage
Flared Jeans & Cover Up- Forever 21
Hat- KMart (Australia)
Wedges- Zara
Cuff- Commercial Street (Bangalore)

"If you're an artist, musician, anarchist or a pot-smoker you're probably a bohemian"

This meager definition of Urban Dictionary's "stoned" bohemian is often why their way of life is misconstrued. And no matter what the internet says; free-spirits are what they are, and what they will be.

Don't you think, somewhere deep down, that all of us are just undiscovered bohèmes-- waiting for the right time, right place or the right person to set us free, in every sense? But sometimes all we need are a pair of flared jeans, a big floppy hat and music for our ears-- to dance, be merry and free! 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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