Colour Blocking

10:09 pm

Outfit Details:
Crop Top- Dotti (Au)
Culottes- Vintage
Heels- Calvin  Klien
Necklace- Lovisa
Bag- Aldo

For the longest time I didn't understand this trend and was usually appalled by those who wore bright coloured bottoms with an equally bright top. And I'd be like what the f are the trying to do here, join the circus or something? 
Well, I guess they were all just trying to get on the "colour blocking" bandwagon. But you know what, it's hard. It's hard to get the perfect balance of colours on oneself. The chances of crossing the 'I've overdone it with the colours, now I need to go hide my face.', are high.
So when I was trying to put together an outfit with this beautiful, bright, and the only yellow top I own, I kept thinking, no more colours Sanaa! No more! No more! Till I saw this gorgeous weaved necklace sitting in my sister's closet. Then I thought why not? Why not join the "colour blocking" bandwagon. But my colour blocking is way more muted than what the trend defines. I kept the rest of the outfit minimal with my faves--black and nude. And voila, I managed to look reasonably colourful without having to put on a red nose and perform at a kid's birthday party.

Also, it's the last day of the 2015 (yay!) and it always makes me realise how time is so precious! Most of us haven't even been able to register how quickly this year has passed us by. So make sure you make time for the people who deserve it and to do things that you love doing. Have a fabulous 2016 guys!


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