Feels Like Prom

7:18 pm

Outfit Details:
Dress- Zara
Boots- Rubi (Au)
Earrings- Lokhandwala Market
Gloves- Valley Girl (Au)

Prom seems like the most vague and foreign idea in Indian schools and the one's that do hold one, often fail to emphasise on "dates" or "corsages". It's merely an excuse to dress up, and maybe, dance a little. 
When I was in high school though, prom seemed as unlikely as Martians existing, only because there weren't enough kids. What prom could we expect with 5 girls and 4 boys (yes, I know, we were a ridiculously small class)! But when I saw this beautiful green dress, I thought to hell with it--I didn't have a prom I might as well dress up, look pretty, and make a post out of it.

Good day peeps xx

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