Who am I listening to?

4:45 am

I love that time when I discover an artist or a genre and feel that smile building up on my face as I bob my head and thump my fist into the air. That time feels like the greatest expedition, where I find my treasure. And then I never let go; till I hear it a 100,000 times. So currently, on my repeat playlist or as I may call it my "treasure" is this beautiful drum and bass band from Britain known as Rudimental. I know they aren't new, and many of you may have heard of them, especially after their new release with Ed Sheeran which has been making raves. And despite having heard their music earlier, it was only now that I totally and utterly fell in love! My favourite is the tarck featuring John Newman & Alex Clare, 'Not Giving In' because man, those beats just go through me and always make me MOVE! If you do get a chance, listen to the other tracks from their older album 'Home' as well as their latest track, because they all are brilliant and honestly it was hard to pick a favourite.
So, turn up the volume, get off your ass and just daaaance!! 

Have a great week guys xx

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