Skulling Perth

8:16 pm

"Skull or skol: To drink a beer without taking a breath"-

Or in other words, as the rest of the world knows it, "chug or down" was relatively unheard of amongst the locals- which was something I learnt during my 10 day trip to Perth. Being down under and not visiting one of the most buzzing (and only) city in Western Australia, would have been a real shame! This vibrant and equally peaceful city is so beautiful unlike the other cities in the country. And although they may have more Quokkas (read: the happiest animal in the world) than human beings, it still is pretty awesome. It's the perfect place to say cheerio to the busy city life, and hello to pretty beaches (with a glass of beer of course).

Highlights from the trip:

Swan Valley Vineyard

Fremantle Port

NuPhoria (aka Atif Khan aka my brother) with JimiJ, playing just before Hot Since 82 came on

Enroute to Little Salmon Bay, Rottnest Island
Hello there, you little Quokka! At Rottnest Island.

London Court

Fremantle Prison
Spooky lady creeping up on us at the prison

Another very important highlight of this trip was Watertown. Housing top local and international brands' factory outlets in one place at killer prices was almost like a dream! Shopping at Perth was such a surprise! I couldn't take any pictures as I was busy running from one shop to another, but do expect many outfit posts on the blog soon. Watertown is definitely a must visit when in Perth.

On another note my trip to Australia will soon be coming to an end, and I shall be back to the daily grind of Bombay. And as excited as I am to be back soon, I know I'm definitely going to miss so much about this country, which has sort of become my own.

See ya soon, Perth!


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