How to: 3 scarves, 3 ways

12:29 pm

Scarf as bandana:

After years of having long hair, finally chopping my locks off made my heart skip a beat (in a good way though). Contrary to what most people believe, there is so much that can be done to short hair, which I come to realise everyday. Bandanas were a thing of the past, I thought to myself. But not any longer. It has now become one of my favourite hair accessories.

Scarf as top:

In my early teens, silk scarves worn as tube tops or halter tops were a big trend which I'd often see my sister and her friends sporting. Fast forward ten years, and I see myself doing the same. It's such a simple way of using fabric that is otherwise worn plainly around the neck. 

Scarf as belt:

For the third look, I opted to use the scarf as a belt. This helped me cinch my waist while giving it that much needed detailing to break away from the monotony of solid colours. An interesting way to use a scarf in an unconventional manner.

Scarves by Moksha Fine Wovens
PHOTOGRAPHY// Siddhartha

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