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All jewelry by Swarovski
PHOTOGRAPHY// Mrinmai Parab

Life's funny sometimes. When you least expect it, opportunities flow your way in magnitudes you wouldn't have imagined before. 

Here's an extremely special collaboration with a brand that helped me get visibility as a blogger a year ago with #StyleYourWayToParis and gave me the much needed push to pursue blogging full-time. Now, a year later, creating this story with Swarovski's beautiful crystals has only left me more grateful and joyous.

Swarovski which is synonymous with elegance, beauty and class have never missed their mark on creating timeless pieces for all. With every collection they push creative boundaries while maintaining their inherent style to produce something different, leaving each collection unique. This collection, known as Crystal Galaxy is inspired by the various elements of the multiple galaxies that engulf us. Motifs such as stars and the moon are seen widely in the collection, while the colour palette extended to purples, blues, blacks and greys, along with the usual silver and gold. Swarovski's galaxy designs encompasses of:
Stellar- modern spherical shapes depicting the planets in orbit
Cosmic- glowing colours of the cosmic and the Aurora Borealis
Brilliant- Swarovski crystals like shooting stars across the Milky Way

I had the pleasure to style the Fall/Winter 2016 collection to create a rather mystical and romantic story, which wouldn't have been possible without Mrinmai's innate artistic eye. Keeping the theme and my personal style in mind, I decided to style these pieces in their most organic and elegant manner, which Swarovski jewels allowed me to do so seamlessly-- one of the reasons why I adore the brand. 

Thank you Swarovski, for yet another wonderful opportunity and Mrinmai for translating my ideas into these beautiful pictures.


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